Florida's Trucking Industry

Florida’s trucking industry plays an essential role in the state’s economy. With new Floridians arriving by the hour, millions of goods are transported daily by truck – from fresh produce to consumer goods. The trucking industry generates billions of dollars in revenue and is responsible for transporting more than 80% of Florida’s freight. With this amount of freight to move, it’s no wonder that Florida’s transportation companies are always looking for qualified truck drivers and diesel technicians to join their teams!

We are in the middle of a nationwide shortage of truck drivers and diesel technicians, making the need for qualified professionals in this industry urgent.

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Truck driving offers excellent pay and benefits, and the opportunities for career advancement are nearly limitless. Many companies offer paid training programs, tuition reimbursements, and opportunities to further your education. For those who want to see the country, truck driving offers flexibility in route selection, with drivers having the opportunity to experience new places while earning a great living. For others that need to be home each night, regional routes offer more typical hours and short routes. For diesel technicians, there is incredibly high demand, with great pay rates and job security.

About the Project

The trucking industry is changing fast—and we want people to learn more about this vital industry that fuels Florida’s economy. The Florida Trucking Association developed a plan, funded in part by FloridaCommerce, to promote the industry, recruit the next generation of drivers and technicians, promote trucking, and keep everyone safe on our roads!


About the Film: "10-8"

As part of a state grant from FloridaCommerce, the Florida Trucking Association is working hard to ensure the sunshine state has the drivers and technicians necessary to keep our state moving. As part of that initiative, we are releasing a short documentary film entitled 10-8.

Take a peek under the hood of trucking—and see if it’s right for you!

Coming April 2023!